This excursion from Naples to Paestum will begin with a private driver pick-up at the place agreed upon witha Mercedes VAN. 


Once in Paestum you will be surprised by the magnificence and grandeur of Greek temples best preserved in the world, immersed in a landscape far from the chaos of the city, between the fields and the farms in the region that once belonged to the Magna Grecia. The city of Paestum, originally named "Poseidon" by Greeks was conquered in 273 BC by Romans  that changed the name of the city with the current one.


The tour will start from archaeological site, included in the UNESCO list of sites of worldwide interest, to be protected as a World Heritage Site. Walking through the imposing walls you will find the big temple of Athena, the monumental "Athenaion" used as a Christian church. Your walk in the archaeological continues, surrounded by greenery and complete tranquility. You will walk on the roads where two thousand years ago the Inhabitants of this city used to walk, you will see the shops where they made their trade, go inside the small homes of the average people and the luxurious villas of the wealthy until you will reach the Basilica of Paestum, which is the temple of Hera. A few feet away the even more famous Temple of Neptune, or “Poseidonion”, the largest and best preserved of the temples of Paestum. Its size and proportions perfectly harmonics create a wonderful feeling of elegance and strength, lightness but at the same time imposingness.


The tour continues to the National Archaeological Museum of Paestum, which is housed in a modern complex built near the ancient city where you can admire testimonies of everyday life and of art and craft of the Greek city and then of Latin colony.


After the tour your private car will take you back to your hotel in Naples.

Included: Private driver and all transportation cost

Not Included: Food, drinks and entrance fees

Price 1-4 people:        € 350,00

Price 5-8 people:        € 400,00

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